Monday, July 28, 2008

Need A car Expert?

At Chucky Cheese Brevan got a tool set and when we were getting ready to go we caught Brevan and Austin Working on the car ride. I am not sure the cost but it looks like to me they know what they are doing...

Chucky Cheese

For Brevan's birthday we went to Chucky Cheese, it was so much fun!! Abbie and Jed were trying really hard to pass this game, well we all got really into it. It was Funny especally the countless small kids that were in line waiting to play this game and Abbie was not going to quit until she won or until all her tokens were gone.

Friday, July 25, 2008


It has been a little crazy but here is some wedding pics... our Wedding was AMAZING! I could not have asked for more and I have a lot of people to Thank for that. Thanks!!!

It is funny you look forward to this day all your life and it comes and is over in one day. It goes by so fast; we have been married now for about two months! I love every minute of it and I LOVE Ryan with all my heart. He is the best husband and I look forward to Forever.