Monday, December 13, 2010

Two Years!!

It was the morning of December 15th and still no baby!!! He was supposed to be here by now!! Days ago and still no baby. I decided to call the doctor and see if he would let me come in early for my weekly appointment, in hopes that he would say: "Oh just head on over to the hospital." . . (I had been dilated to a 3 and seventy five percent effaced for two, almost three weeks!) . . boy was I wrong. I decided that because I was good and depressed that I would spend the day with my sister and play hooky from work. I went to work the next day and completed little preparations, trying to make the day go by faster. My doctor had promised to start me Wednesday the 17th so that morning I got the call about 5:30am telling me that they had a bed for me if I wanted to come on over. We hurried over texting everyone on the way, about the good news. (I remember sitting at a light in Provo asking ry if he had text my sister and sister-in-law, for he had been texting them several times before to tell them we were on the way to the hospital just to get them all rilled up.) We got to the hospital and checked in, it was about 9:oo when I got the platocin and shortly after Dr. Nance broke my water then we waited. . . My guests arrived and we waited. I wanted to feel the contractions, ya know be tough for a little while before I got my epidural. They started to get closer together and more painful so I decided it was time, My brother wanted to watch them do the epidural so we called him over and as soon as he got there called the antisalogist in to get the job done. Ryan seemed concerned but held my hand as I got the epidural. After I was comfortable my guest rotated lunch shifts and when Ryan and his mom got back they had put oxygen on me because the babies heart rate had gone down. When everyone got back we started taking guesses at what time and how big Braxton would be; the nurses were almost irritated because we were guessing times a couple hours out and first time moms are in labor a lot longer than that. . . waited a little longer and then doctor Nance checked me and I was ready to go. It was a little after one when I started pushing, after about three pushes Dr. Nance looked at me and said . .We need to get him out this time, big push! and Then I heard his cry =) Seven pounds seven ounces and eighteen and half inches. perfect little guy. He was here!! He arrived at 1:32 on December 17, 2008.
After that everyone followed Ryan and the baby to be washed while I went down to my room. As soon as I got there Ryan showed up at the door with our perfect little boy in a Christmas stocking.
Today he is two and I am so grateful for this little guy! I can not believe that he is two! Two years has gone by so fast and it has been a blast! What a blessing he is to our little family. We love you Braxton so much!! Haappy Birthday!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Braxtons Favorite Things!!!!

I think that Brax is at such a fun age, minus the constant need to get into things and I wanted to share his interests mostly for myself. I want to remember this fun age. . . .So this is BRAXTONS FAVORITE THINGS! kind of like Oprah's Favorite Things but without the giveaway.

1. Anything to do with Tractors! Backhoes, Loaders and Bulldozer's.
2. Movies: Cars, Toystory 3, How to Train your Dragon, Grinch and Up
3. Trucks! Peterbult, Macks and Kenworth. (yes he knows them all and even will correct me if I am wrong.)
4. Any toys that have anything to do with Dragons, Dinosaurs, tractor's, trucks and or cars! He will even sleep with them.
5. Food: Cheese and Crackers, Mandarin oranges, any kind of cereal, and any treat is his favorite!
6. Brax has always been a blanket boy. He love the soft ones and will ask for them when he gets tired.
7. I would like to think this is his favorite but it might depend on the day but he loves his family!! everyone of them. It is such an amazing thing to see how a child can love and Brax does love all of his family. The list is getting pretty long for his birthday invites.

Braxton is so fun and I am so grateful for him in our lives! He keeps us laughing! Thanks Brax we love you!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Still here Wednesday

(Tay is only Three months here..I am a tard)
Braxton-Braxton is doing great, if we can avoid all the colds and stuff out there =) He is talking so well!! What used to be dagon is now dragon and moovie is mom watch toy story! Practically full sentences. I am so proud of my smart boy! The most recent with brax is hitting; gotta love it. When Braxton hits we sit on time out so the other day he said: "Mom we don't hit! time out." I guess he is getting what I am saying at least. I do not think he understands sorry though. after hitting Payslie when I ask him to say sorry he does his famous scowl and says "no!" I think he sees it as, you are the reason I am on time out...we are learning. . a little at a time.
Tayven-Tay is definitely my happy boy!! always smiling! He is so close to laughing; I can not wait! Tayven is growing like crazy. I had the classic..waiting for that cute outfit to be able to fit and hurry and pull it out just in time for him to get a few good wears out of it.
Mom-Same old running around trying to be super mom. I am back to work. PART-TIME and I love it! A big load off my shoulders, I honestly do not know if I could pull off the full time job, full time mom but what a blessing to be able to spend that extra time with my boys!!! I will never forget how hard it is working full time with kids, my heart goes out to all of those that do it!! I am so blessed to work part-time.
Dad-Is working in Salt Lake, making the commute everyday, even Saturdays starting at 4:30! yikes! Ry is also going to school and being a great dad...squeezing in hunting.(in that order ;)) Ryan is such a hard worker and I am so proud of him!!

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