Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wonderfully Ordinary

 More than not lately I have found myself feeling sorry for me. I have felt the weight of the title I carry; MOM. I find myself short tempered and tired by a day of constant service to these little ones. Which left me feeling really two people that I know had little ones (one and five) diagnosed with cancer. I have found myself praying for a little more patients. While reading updates on these little ones I realize the need to appreciate the ordinary day...Even if we have had two potty accidents or I find myself in several rounds with Brax. It truly is these days that can change at any moment or simply be a memory before we know it. I know that the role I hold is not easy but it is my job to teach and love. I am so grateful for these little ones in my life as they bring stress and tears but also laughter and a love I did not know I could posses. Here are some pictures of our Wonderfully, Ordinary days =D