Tuesday, March 23, 2010

MY ToddleR?

Just thought I would catch up my not so little guy. He is so much fun!! He says pretty much anything and we can not help but laugh at the stuff he comes up with. He has pretty much mastered walking it is fun to watch him with his squeaky shoes and all he wants to do is walk outside in the somewhat warm weather. How could that smile not make you melt? It sure makes my day!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

HaPpY BIrtHDaY To yOu!!

Just wanted to wish my man a Happy Birthday!! 24! He is enjoying a shed hunting trip as does he every year but I am glad he is having a good time, It started out rough but is looking better.
I am so lucky to have met Ryan! I am so glad that he was born!!! Here are 24 things I LOVE about my RY!
24-He loves the outdoors
23-Is a hard worker
22-He is so smart! He knows random facts about things and is hitting the books and does so well at his challenging courses.
21-Is funny and Witty
20-So Handsome
19-Has a smokin' HOT bod
18-Is a really great DAD!
17-Is always quick to apologize and forgive
16-Has the best surprises!!! (Daniel Tosh at Kingsbury)
15-Cooks really well! I love to watch him with the seasonings and LOVE when he just takes over the kitchen. yum!
14-Still tells me how beautiful I am and makes me feel so good!
13-Is a good listener
12-Give the BEST advise!! even when I pretty much know what I am going to do it always feels good to hear what Ryan has to say.
11-So cuddly
10-Is so faithful and honest
9-Always well almost always says just what I need to hear
8-Is supportive
7-Has the softest lips that I love to be kissed by =)
6-Has a passion for flying helicopters, I love know he loves what he is doing
5-Kind. He has a good heart! probably gives one to many drifters a ride
4-Thoughtful. Is always concerned about me taking time for myself
3-Is my best friend
2-Makes me feel so safe! cuz he is so strong
1-Is the best husband. really I am so lucky to be spending eternity with such a good guy!! I LOVE you with all my heart...you still give me butterflies.

Food and Entertainment!!

Brax is a TV junkie! He loves to eat and watch TV. Already he is so good to watch a movie while mom gets ready or picks up. He just gets so involved in what he is watching. We definitely have to monitor how much he watches cuz he will watch and watch and watch. It is kind of funny that at such a young age he would be so enthralled with TV but anyways I took these pictures the other day and wanted to share.