Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Unexpected Life Turns

Ryan and I are having a BABY BOY!!!! We are pretty excited and look forward to our new addition!

The ultra-sound was amazing!! He certainly likes to show off; the doctor was not ready to show the gender but he showed us anyways, lots! It was so cool to see the chambers of his little beating heart. Babies are such blessings and ours was definitely supposed to be here.

New House Big Blessings

Ryan and I are living in springville. Ya I know Springville but so far so good. I love it!!!! Our house is so nice! Thanks to family we got moved in really fast and I even had time to decorate the weekend we moved in. I love cleaning and cooking in our new house, most of all I love coming home to my wonderful husband! here are some pictures of OUR HOUSE!