Monday, February 21, 2011

-Living and Loving LiFe-

Tayven is all but CrAwliNg! It is crazy! especially because he is not even sitting yet. It is kind of funny because usually after he eats the second I put him down he flips over and trys to take off. He gets bouncin' on his tummy and moving like a worm, that I feel like I follow a snail trail of spit up. He is so active. When him and Brax play he just gets so excited! You can tell that he can not wait until he can jump and play like his cool big brother.

The Boys are so fun together! It just thrills me to see how loving Braxton is and how Tay just gets that look in his eyes when Braxton talks to him; like he really looks up to him. I hope that they always stay close. Best Buds. (PS Grandma made the PJ's for Valentines day! so cute!!)

That's my Braxton! I really do not know what else to say.. He is so funny and is learning every day. Braxton is learning what being two is all about; it is tough but we are so proud of him! He can be so polite("say Thank you, your welcome") and comes up with the craziest things. What would we do with out him?

We went to the pool. The boys had so much fun and were exhausted when we were through. What a fun presidents day!
I hope to be better at blogging. I had a hard night tonight but even after chasing around to get everything done, I could not help but feel so blessed and proud of our growing boys and our little family. It makes me so happy to be around them and see the light and fun spirits that they bring into our home. I truly am so blessed!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Five Months!!

Tay and his teddy

Here is my handsome Five month baby boy! Time sure flies when you are having fun. I am certainly enjoying Tay.(Number two is a little less stressful.) Tayven is always so happy and is in such a fun stage: He is finding his voice so he likes to scream and laugh, he loves grabbing his toes and rolling around the floor and my favorite he loves playing in the tub!(his kicking and splashing is so cute!) not a day goes by that I am not so thankful for my boys!! I can not get enough and we are so blessed to add Tay to our little family!!