Friday, May 29, 2009

I'll go inside one day!

It is official! Ryan and I are going to the temple on 07-08-09! I really am so excited! I seriously think about it everyday and what a blessing this will bring to our little family! We are getting our endowments out the week before on the third and then sealed that wednesday! Thanks to all of those who have helped get us were we need to be! I can not wait!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ten Things I Love about You

Ten thing I love about Braxton!
1. I Love how he says Da Da! by the way he says Da Da. It is the cutest thing! He says it all the time, when he is tired and when he is chatting. I guess he really likes his dad!
2. I Love to chew on his rolls! Braxton is ticklish so when I chew on his rolls he will either hold his breath or giggle; plus it is just fun to mug on him!
3. I Love his smile!
4. I Love all his facial expressions! It is so funny when he gets mad at you he will just scowl and most of the time he will not look you in the eye. He also has the funniest sad faces and he will pull quite a few before he actually starts to cry.
5. I Love Braxton's Long eyelashes!
6. I Love his fuzzy hair!
7. I Love his laugh!
8. I Love how easy going he is. He is such a good baby! Even when the situation is not the best for him he tries so hard to be happy. Thank goodness! I do not think we even realize how lucky we are that he is so easy going.
9. I Love his elastics around his wrists. He is so chubby that it looks like they are screwed on.
10. I Love his big eyes!

Ten things I love about Ryan!
1. I Love his smile!!
2. I Love how helpful he is! When I come home for lunch he fixes good meals, and for dinner. If I am feeding the baby he will bring everything right to me.
3. I Love how strong he is! I always feel so safe with him around.
4. I Love how smart he is! He always knows random facts about anything and everything. I feel so special when I get to tell him something he does not already know.
5. I Love how he tells stories! He is such a good story teller sometimes even after hearing the same story several times he can manage to still get my attention.
6. I Love laughing together!
7. I Love the wonderful dad that he is!!
8. I Love how he tries to be a better person and helps me to be. Especially tips on how to save money on gas mileage and other driving tips. Also helping me get rid of my bad attitude now and then.
9. I Love his out doors side! I can not wait to take Brax camping and hiking all over. I know he will just Love it and I am so glad that Ryan enjoys stuff like that!
10. I Love the person he is!! He is so strong and I have loved watching him grow into a loving an nurturing dad. He is a hard worker and so outgoing. He is Hot and has made being married a fun experience! I can not wait to spend eternity with him! I LOVE YOU RY!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Hands???

Braxton has found his hands. It is so funny to watch him discover things for the first time. He looks at his hands and watches them move in front of his face until he can manage to get them in his mouth! He loves chewing on his hands so once they are there they stay. He is growing so fast and I can already tell he is so smart I can not wait for more!


The many faces of Braxton!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009


We have been feeding Brax a little bit of baby food. He LOVES it!!! all except the peas!