Saturday, May 21, 2011

Oh Tay Man

Busy, Busy!!


-Smiling- and waving our newest thing!

Standing!! I guess I think I am pretty BIG

And Finally CRASHing!

I Love this guy he keeps me going all day and sometimes even all night..We are working hard at sleeping through the night. Tayven is just so inconsistent with sleeping in the night. He is not bad but one night he will be up at one, the next night not til four, sometimes both others not at all. I keep telling myself that it is teeth or he is sick, this and that, but regardless we will get him sleeping like a baby at night! mom needs a good rest especially with this monkey.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hello Broder-

As you can see this is my little busy body; whether it is crawling all over, getting into the entertainment center or pretty much crawling out of his crib, he is always on the move! Tayven is so much fun right now and I love his personality! He honestly will just crawl into his room and get whatever toy to play with. He is always happy and is usually smiling..with a slight head tilt. lol. Recently this is what I find when I come into the boys room..Tay will be peering out and Braxton will be on his bed yelling "Hey Broder!" It is my favorite! I love hearing them giggle together. I can tell already that they are going to be best buds. Ya know once they get past the sharing stage and I am sure there is more but they love each other and I am so glad!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

-To Grandma-

Enough said! This is my favorite!

90 to get Thirty...

Still going on my thirty day challange because it keeps me motivated however it might take closer to ninety days..Ha Ha. I have been working on some memorable-Fun projects that have kept me from blogging plus I may be addicted to some android apps on my phone but we won't get into that.
This is Ryan's little sis. Braxton absolutely loves his Jes-Ca!! She is so good to help with the boys and pretty much tends anytime we need her. She is all grown up and graduating! So proud! Congrats Jess Love ya!