Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Twenty Two!!!

Last friday was my twenty second birthday!! I am headed up hill and there is no looking back. It was a great day and well lets be honest a great couple of days! Thursday was a big day, I got to have the best homemade Cafe Rio salads at my moms house for mine and kelci's birthday. After that I headed to the airport and finally got my husband back!! Friday I had to work but Ryan made me breakfast, we ordered out for lunch at the Credit Union and I got to leave early. Me and Ry took a little nap before our delicous meal at my favorite Tucanos!! We ate with Devin and Sara and then headed to the Haunted Forest for a little Halloween scare. It was a GREAT Birthday!!! My favorite is all the phone calls and texts from loved ones to wish me Happy Birthday; it really makes me feel special! My trip to tipan for Christmas decorations from my mom on Saturday was a blast! oh and this beautiful picture of christ from ryan will add to the spirit in our house!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Tagged by Lindsey

My Tag:
1. I love this time of year!! Tis the season for spooky decorations and Erie nights. I love, love going to haunted houses and hearing haunted stories etc. but I absolutely hate scary movies. every once in a while I forget and rent one around this time of year...I always regret it!!

2. Probably due to were I was raised I talk funny every once in a while... mostly adding or forgetting letters. Ryan is always laughing at some of the random words that I use, like: SMornign, Saltsa and mounin's ...

3. I never thought I would say this and I am sure that it is not that weird but being in my own house I am so peticular about where things go and when they are out of place; Even just ryan's shoes. I try and let it go but it just eats at me until take care of it.

4. I love little Cesar's pizza and would prefer it over any other pizza place.

5. I would say that I am pretty attenitive to detail. I notice thing that others would not and I am definately a "geek" or people watcher, if you will, so I notice things about others and enjoy little details.

6. I hate sunflower seeds and crab legs! It is just way to hard to get to the good stuff!!

7. I can not ever just be a scrounge! not to say that some days there is little effort into me getting ready for the day but I guess I will never be that girl that can just roll out of bed and go somewhere. dang it!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

EIGHT Months!!!!

Eight months! This seems huge to me! Really the whole thing has gone by so fast, I can not believe it!! Even though things are getting a little crowded I can not help but Love when I look down and see a bum sticking out of my stomach. Our baby boy is quite active and I love it!! I hope I never forget the way it feels when he moves and it is sad to think that Ry will never feel that.
A couple of nights now I have watched a TV show on TLC called Bringing Home the Baby; I love watching it! It is fun and has really got me excited to bring my little one home and just hold him all the time. (except when he is sleeping through the night...ha ha) I really am trying to prepare myself as much as I can, I want to be very loving and patient, most of all I just want to suck in this time. I want to enjoy every second because I see haw fast they grow and I do not want to miss it!!!
Ps: I will try and post more belly pics. It is a little different when you have the big belly.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Martha Stewart

OK so conference weekend with all the material sales, I decided that I would attempt my first sewing project. I made a diaper bag!!! I have to say with the help of my mom and aunts it turned out pretty dang cute and I can not wait to put it to use!!!