Friday, October 17, 2008

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1. I love this time of year!! Tis the season for spooky decorations and Erie nights. I love, love going to haunted houses and hearing haunted stories etc. but I absolutely hate scary movies. every once in a while I forget and rent one around this time of year...I always regret it!!

2. Probably due to were I was raised I talk funny every once in a while... mostly adding or forgetting letters. Ryan is always laughing at some of the random words that I use, like: SMornign, Saltsa and mounin's ...

3. I never thought I would say this and I am sure that it is not that weird but being in my own house I am so peticular about where things go and when they are out of place; Even just ryan's shoes. I try and let it go but it just eats at me until take care of it.

4. I love little Cesar's pizza and would prefer it over any other pizza place.

5. I would say that I am pretty attenitive to detail. I notice thing that others would not and I am definately a "geek" or people watcher, if you will, so I notice things about others and enjoy little details.

6. I hate sunflower seeds and crab legs! It is just way to hard to get to the good stuff!!

7. I can not ever just be a scrounge! not to say that some days there is little effort into me getting ready for the day but I guess I will never be that girl that can just roll out of bed and go somewhere. dang it!

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The Jarvis Family said...

Your belly is so cute! Im so jealouse your almost done! You are going to be such a cute mamma, im so excited for you! YYou will LOVE having a little boy! they are awesome for first borns!!!

Suzee said...

Hey, I gave you an award....see my blog for details! Love you!