Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Photo Overload

Family Night swimming party! I love getting together with my family. They are all so neat and bring such a big part to our family. Last week we got together for a BBQ and a swim; it was a lot of fun and was Braxtons first swim this summer...He loved it!

Me and Brax "mimming"

The other night I got Brax out of the tub and was holding him like a baby. I went out and told
Ryan to look at my cute baby and brax started saying "goo goo" "ahh goo" It seriously was so funny!! I can not believe how big he is and all the funny things he comes up with. He really is a talker and when we least expect it will say the darnedest things. I am so grateful that he keeps us smiling.

My Handsome Boy on memorial day!

The four of us =)

-My Boys on Memorial Day -

So Braxton Loves, LOVES Trucks, Tractors and Trains!!! Loves them!! So on Saturday Ryan took Brax to a Helicopter landing at the fire station. They had popcorn, Balloons and most important aloud you to go through the fire truck and helicopter! Brax had so much fun! Thanks DAD!!!


Rocky Mountain Race Way Baby!! Ryans Family went to the drag races! It was so much fun!! AWESOME!!! Ryan has such a fun family and it was really nice to go hang out. My favorite besides the fireworks, and the nitro cars was the people, yes the people!!! Oh my the people! It was so nice to hang out with the adults and just have a good time!

Brax in the FIRETRUCK!!!!!

Getting ready to jump in!!!! Can not wait for Mommy and ME!!!

Happy Fathers DAY!!

Happy Fathers day!! You are the best DAD!! I love how patient you are with Brax .. and me. No matter how many times the Trains go by you are always willing to take Brax out and see the Choo choo. I love the personality and Whit that you bring to our family! You are so handsome and loving! I hope you enjoy the day because you deserve it! Me, Brax and Baby T sure love you!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Camping and Dinos!!!

Diggin' for Bones!

Vernal Utah Dinosaur Museum

My little guy running around after a long car ride.

headed home, covered in Smores! Camping was fun and Brax Loves "mores"!