Sunday, June 20, 2010

Photo Overload

Family Night swimming party! I love getting together with my family. They are all so neat and bring such a big part to our family. Last week we got together for a BBQ and a swim; it was a lot of fun and was Braxtons first swim this summer...He loved it!

Me and Brax "mimming"

The other night I got Brax out of the tub and was holding him like a baby. I went out and told
Ryan to look at my cute baby and brax started saying "goo goo" "ahh goo" It seriously was so funny!! I can not believe how big he is and all the funny things he comes up with. He really is a talker and when we least expect it will say the darnedest things. I am so grateful that he keeps us smiling.

My Handsome Boy on memorial day!

The four of us =)

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Calee said...

Mandie he's so cute. Today when I picked Ary up at your mom's he was playing with his tractors in her flowerbeds and looked like such a little man. Your baby will be a grown up by the time his little brother gets here!
Hope you are feeling good, I noticed your ticker said 10 weeks. This time around is flying by for me, hopefully it is for you too:)