Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reaching new heights

Braxton has had a blast jumping on the tramp at Abbie's house. He is kind of chicken so it is funny to watch him as he stands up and jumps. Braxton has never been a climber and although he does not like the slide he loves playing on the playground. He is getting the bug and wants to be outside all day everyday and it has been so hard keeping him in the house when it is cold/snowing! I am hoping that jumping on the tramp is the start of reaching new heights for him this summer! I can hardly stand it!

I have tried so hard to catch Tayven's new teeth on camera they are so cute! Even more cute is his tongue sticking out to feel them. On top of being sick he is getting his second tooth but he has certainly been a trooper poor little guy. I hope this means he will be less sick next year. We can only hope. ;) along with new teeth Tay is trying all sorts of new foods despite his hatred for baby food. some of his favorites are Bananas, frozen peaches, Avocado and even some Cheetos! We are still just taking baby steps but we will get there one step at a time.

#3 Goals: Spring gives me the itch to make some changes and so I thought maybe I would think of a new height I want to reach for myself..I would say mostly because I enjoy it so, that I am a good mom but mom can take on so many meanings and I think that something I could use a little work on is bringing more of Christ spirit in our home and creating some good habits for our little ones. I look around me and think of how badly I want my children to be leaders and stand for Truth and Right. I think this is a foundation that you build at a young age and I know I can be better at it. So here is to making that extra effort everyday.

Monday, March 28, 2011

#2 Our Favorite place to eat!!

If you go here there is a good chance we will be there too. Including Braxton La Casita has been our favorite for years. I am waiting for Brax to try something to hot that he does not like but he is definitely our child. I have said for years that I am surprised that Ryan and I did not meet there; both our families love it as well and there are countless times we all have the same idea about not cooking dinner and show up at the Casita! LOVE IT!! number uno!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

What are we doing right now?


Finally! After a rough night we are napping. Tayven has been sick and after putting him to sleep a little early last night we were up from about midnight to three. Brax had a cold then Tayven got RSV then Brax got a sore throat and now Tay has a sore throat; it is the boys catching one thing after another that gets me really anxious for summer. I can not wait to have fun in the sun! As for now it is snoozing time. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, March 24, 2011


My conscience has been eating at me extra hard about my blog and the lack there of. I am afraid to say it, especially out loud (Ryan hates the idea of it) but a big part of my time has gone to..facebook. Before my facebook days I believe I was a lot better at updating the blog, with at least one post a week on mostly Brax but never the less updates. . . So recently I have seen Thirty day blogging challenges and I guess this will be an honest attempt to be better at recording fun things in our life. (I am not sure if I will follow one in particular and hopefully it will last thirty days but.. Here we go; enjoy.) 1: Favorite sayings from people you love Ryan: One that always gets me laughing is his short inside phrases he will use for awhile like: "Hey there!" "Hey you guuyys!" most recent "Really, Really" (in a deep voice) Brax: Braxton is so funny sometimes, coping anything and everything or sometimes just blurting out the least expected. The latest and greatest is his singing. "We had a great day it was a super way, to spend some time together." Tay: Always the best to hear and his first word by the way. "Ma Ma" he also says dad . . a lot but mom when he sad.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

6 Months!!

This little guy is six months already!! My favorite thing lately is how busy he is. You can tell the way that he watches Brax that he can not wait to just get down and play!! He is almost hard to hold because he is everywhere.
Tay has been extra particular about starting solids. He is a little texture funny so every time I try and feed him he will spit the food back at me. I went to the doctor today and Tay was in the 9th percentile so we need to find something he likes and chunk this kid up ;)
I am having so much fun with Tay...not that I did not with Brax but you definitely stress less with number two and I feel like we are having so much fun. Boys are the best!! I am so lucky to have three!!!