Friday, November 11, 2011


This just makes me laugh! Everytime I see it!
This kid kills me! He is so smart and is always saying things to keep us laughing! He is a little busy when it comes to mom wanting a picture but it was easy to capture the top picture...he has been infatuated with all the toy ads and has even gone as far as to sleep with one. haha. He is already planning what he wants for his Birthday and what he wants to ask Santa for. We love you Brax and are so grateful for the smiles you bring to our family!


Tayven crashed after all the Halloween Fun

Tayven throwing his candy out the back of the wagon; he did not know what to do with all that candy.
Braxton so excited to go trick-or-treating!
The Pumpkin Patch
Our Halloween was very fun this year! To start out we have been keeping the tradition of walking to the pumpkin patch, past the Hall's to see the animals and off to the patch to play and pick out pumpkins. We went to the Provo ropes course on a Halloween cruise and had soup with all the cousins! We also participated in the Spanish Fork main street Trick-Or-Treating and went to the big red barn with dad. On Halloween we made the rounds in the costumes so all the family could see the boys. It has been really busy as you can see but we had an awesome month and really enjoyed this Halloween!