Monday, January 23, 2012

The Boys and Me-

It is time to play catch up... so this is a little about what we have been doing:I do not post a lot on Ryan and I just wanted to say a little about this past year. Ryan help over four people have a successful hunt this past year some even from out of state. I really think that is something and I am so proud of him. I love his devotion to the outdoors and how he is willing to do anything for people.
Tayven, Tayven this little guy is my busy one..he keeps us going! the most recent with Tay is our dedication to get him talking ;) He is so smart and knows how to talk and understands alot..but the little stinker will not talk, he has got to the point that he can point and we do. humm why would he talk when he does not have to?? I will catch him saying something and the second that he realises I heard he stops. I love this little guy and how different he is from Braxton. It is so fun to have him in our home and we are forever blessed from his sweet spirit!
This is the boys and their camping chairs that they absolutely LOVE!
Our time with dad!!! Lately the boys have been so into monster truck videos/RC videos that Ryan brings up from YouTube. They love it!! so funny that they are total boys!
This big boy is three!!! We celebrated Braxton's birthday the week before Christmas and he sure enjoyed all the cool cars, trains and toys he got. I can not believe how fast the years go by and that I have a baby that is THREE!!! I have been so proud of him moving into sunbeams and being so big about it. I was really worried about this transition as young as he is but he has done great!! I told him that now that he is three he can be happy and so far I think he has grown a lot!! I love the things he picks up and how smart he is!!! Love you Brax with all my heart!!