Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Wednesday with BRAX!!

Say hi to Braxton's tounge! He found it and loves to show it off!
This is as close as it gets. Braxton has lots of smiles and I can not get them on camera! They are so cute but the second that I pull the camera out he gets really distracted. One of these days I will catch it!
Another Mad face! This one is funny because he is getting so chubby!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fun Letter's

I made these letters for Braxtons room and I have to say they were both fun and easy! I am excited to finally have something to add to his room.

Friday, March 13, 2009

ZZzZz Sleeping through the Night!!! ZzZzZZz

I think I would have to say that I am the luckiest Mom in the whole world! When we first brought Braxton home he would sleep anywhere from four to six hours, after we knew he was gaining weight I stopped waking him and he would sleep six to seven hours. Now Brax will sleep about nine!! I love it! It gives me time to get a few things done after I put him down and just before he gets up. I have heard different things on how to get them to sleep through the night but I have to say a strict schedule and tapping them off as late as possible has really worked for me. Yesterday morning I tried to sleep in but I really needed to feed him so I kept checking on him to see if he was awake yet. This is how I found him, he looked so comfy and once eight rolled around he finally woke up.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Today is Ryan's Birthday! He is enjoying some time in Arizona so we miss him but hopefully he is having a good day.
I just want to say how greatful I am for Ryan; he has been so good with Braxton. A number 1 dad for sure! I really can not believe how much I love him! He treats me so good, is always willing to help and is a really good ear when I need to talk.
I will have to post a picture latter he said he would send me one so I could see him on his Birthday!
Happy Birthday RYAN!!! I Love you so much!!!


Today Braxton was watching Wonder Pets it is the cutest show. Braxton loves to watch TV. He loves it! Hopefully its all the fun colors or we have a couch potato on our hands.
Braxtons Sunday Best. He looks so big in his tie, it kills me! We went to church on sunday and Braxton sat on my lap like a big boy and watched the other kids play.

He is getting so big. We do tummy time and usually his face just rests on the floor but he is finally getting the hang of it!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday's with Braxton!!

Braxton was a little sad today when I got home. It might be mean but I thought his sad face was so cute and I could not resist taking his picture.

Easy As 123

Am I aloud to say I am raising a baby Genius?