Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What a day!

Braxton has been on one today! Here is just a few of the new and rather funny comments from my two year old:
Mom: "I sure love you. "
Brax:"you sure do"
Brax: "what the heck!"
Brax: "you're freaking out?"
Brax: "yes sirrry bob."
Brax: "whatever.. "
Mom:"are you glad our dad is home? I missed him. "
Brax:"yeah cuz you were freaking out."
Dad:"do you want a bite?"
Brax:"yup sirry bob."
But my favorite!!
Brax: "you're my best friend... Tay."
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Marshmello faces and more

Curbside Goodbyes! Much better by the way! Quick like a band aide :)

Tay getting into trouble...It is a good thing that he is cute. ha ha

SHMARSHMALLOWS!!! Getting home from a campfire with smores. Yum!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Farewell

Today is Matt's Farewell. I have a lot of thoughts that I wanted to share. First it has been a long time since I have had to say good bye to a missionary..never easy and always so spiritual!! I also want to share a little about Matt. At first I was not his favorite person but as Ryan's right hand we became pretty good buds! We have done a lot together and he is such a good uncle to my boys. I truly look forward to teaching my boys through Matt's mission about the importance of missionary work. What a great example a missionary is!!! We love you Matt and we will miss you incredibly!! Thank you for being there for Ryan and for our Family!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Birthday Boy

On the day of Tayven's Birthday we went to the pool.. all day! He loves the pool and we all had a blast!!

Wednesday night we had cake pops and Banana splits followed by a rinse in the Splash Pad!
The Birthday Party was a success!! Despite the fact that the banner I spent hours and hours on could not be hung up because of the wind. I think what really made the party was all the special people that were there to make my baby boy feel so special! He loved his monkey cake and I think the monkey cake pops were a hit..thank goodness. I still am baffled that this little guy is one and all over the place! I love him and he sure makes life fun!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

September 1st Already?!!

Today my monkey turns ONE! I honestly have not wanted this day to come; with Braxton being the first I looked forward to the first birthday but with Tayven I have kind of dreaded it. I just can not believe that it has already been one year! I know that people say things like you turn around and they grown but this year feels like a blink!!
Tayven is our sunshine. He is always always happy!!! He is walking everywhere but usually he prefers to walk around when nobody is looking. He has been my busy boy! He is into the things most of the time you do not want him in..IE the toilet and cleaning cupboard. I have really enjoyed the fact that he is such a monkey, it keeps me on my toes! He is always watching big brother and loves to play and make car and dino sounds with him. He LOVES Food and is always hungry! He will pretty much eat anything and anytime he sees you eating he make mmm sounds. He is a total mom ma's boy and loves to snuggle. He likes to lounge and watch some cartoons, he will lay on you and just completely make himself comfortable. He loves to play on our down comforter. He does not talk a ton but is always observing and looks like he has a lot to say. .especially when Brax is in trouble. He says Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Abbie, No no, uh oh, Brax..and a few others here and there. He has such a sweet heart I can already tell. I Love this little man so much!! I am so incredibly blessed to be his mom. I have really enjoyed him and love the addition he has made to our family! Happy first birthday Tay man! I love you more than you know!!!