Monday, June 13, 2011

NINE Months!!

My little guy is nine months! Honestly he is a little small for his age, I think that the last growth period we had been on and off sick so much that I do not think he grew like he should have..poor guy but I also love that he is my little boy. I think that Tay is going to be my allergy/asthma boy! Thank goodness for breathing treatments! However is still very healthy and seriously the happiest little boy! It really makes my day every time I see that cheeser and as often as he smiles my day is made time and time again. Tay is also my busy guy! Getting into things and exploring is his favorite thing to do. He so much fun and it just gets better! I love and am so blessed to have such a fun and happy spirit in my home. Thanks Tayven We all love you!


Braxton's sweet bubble skills!

This is Brax Saying cheese for mom's camera; I think it makes him feel silly

First stop in Arches National Park. It was so cool! Every stop was a little different and so fun!

Me and Tay at the Double Arch

Boys will be boys. ..Throwing the Dirt.

The whole Family

Braxton at one of my favorite places, Sand Dune Arch! It was so cool and the sand was so soft for the boys to play in.

The Boys. I Could not get them to both smile..This is them looking at mom like she is a crazy.

Our Moab JEEPING/four-runner first was a little scary but a lot of fun!

On one of the arch's. . Ry, Brax, Tay and I. It does not look that high but I was a chicken coming down and had to have some assistance. Ryan Made a couple trips with the boys. lol

Thanks to Ryan we had an awesome time! He really knows how to plan a family trip. Thanks Sparky.. We hit Grogs, it is a must stop if you are remotely close to price. Did a little swimming, shopping, (not all of us were prepared for swimming) Rock crawling and Arches National Park! Honestly I think it was the perfect time of the year to go. The weather was perfect! We are so glad Quinton was able to come he was fun and helped with the boys. Braxton and Tayven were so good..a little wired after the car rides but happy fun boys! I am so glad we were able to go! It was a memorable trip and hopefully there is more to come!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Tayven and Grandma on the Carousel

Braxton on the Daddy Elephant..or so he said

The Best part of the Zoo and the reason we decide to go! T-Rex! Braxton's favorite! The Dinosaurs were so real looking and almost scary...even to Brax who is obsessed!

Tayven's favorite part of the zoo was the bird show. It was really cool! There was several birds like: Owls, doves and hawks that would fly right over you; Tay would not take his eyes off them!

When we decided that we were going to the Zoo and I was telling Brax about the dinosaurs he thought we were going to another Museum which is how he came up with ZooMeum. It really was a perfect day and so much fun to get together with everyone! All the little ones were so good! I can not wait to go back!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

All Aboard!!

Memorial day weekend was the last day For Thomas the train at the Heber Valley Creeper so we decided to take the boys up! The weather was bad on and off but it cleared up when we got there and was just right! Brax loved it and loved the big train with the conductor! It was nice to spend time together and create memories as Ryan says. I have to say the Shakes in Heber are the best and treated us good after our train ride.