Monday, June 13, 2011

NINE Months!!

My little guy is nine months! Honestly he is a little small for his age, I think that the last growth period we had been on and off sick so much that I do not think he grew like he should have..poor guy but I also love that he is my little boy. I think that Tay is going to be my allergy/asthma boy! Thank goodness for breathing treatments! However is still very healthy and seriously the happiest little boy! It really makes my day every time I see that cheeser and as often as he smiles my day is made time and time again. Tay is also my busy guy! Getting into things and exploring is his favorite thing to do. He so much fun and it just gets better! I love and am so blessed to have such a fun and happy spirit in my home. Thanks Tayven We all love you!

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BRooKe said...

I can not believe he is nine months old! He sure is a cute little thing! Well I do have to add that I miss you guys as our neighbors! :( We need to get together!