Saturday, July 9, 2011

Back in Business (Warning Picture overload)

Every 4th of JULY we head over to Provo for the hot air balloons usually followed by breakfast and more than likely a BBQ or 2. This year Braxton really enjoyed this pig ... that was from afar. The Balloons did not last long due to the weather but we had fun and after went to Denny's.
My favorite part of the 4th was spending time with Family!! My Grandparents hosted the best party, of which i failed to take pictures at..I was just having to much fun! We rented a water slide and had a BBQ. Later in the day we went to Ryan's Fam and feasted some more. Needless to say the day was a blast!! Thanks all!
Last week we enjoyed a day at Seven Peaks. I can not explain what it means and how much fun I have spending time with all my loved ones! It just so happens they are alot of fun!
This is my little chicken. .however a mom can rest easy with a child like Brax. Whom by the way I had to convince to go on the kiddy slide and also to actually get in the water.
Tay on the other hand, had no problem keeping up with the kids!! Not even the tube was going to stop him. He loves the water and just goes and goes.
Ryan planned a really fun trip up to Walsburg where we attended an antique show. There were Tractor's, Motorcycle's, a Train and yummy homemade ice cream!
Brax and Tay at the Splash pad! which might I add is not a bad walk from my Mom's house.
So far this summer we have gone and gone! That is what summer is about right? Well we are having fun and at any minute ready for the next adventure.

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