Saturday, January 31, 2009

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I have a few friends that have private blogs. I would love to see your blog too! My blog e-mail address is Thanks!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Sarah Ward took Braxtons pictures last week! They are so perfect!! I love them all!! Thanks Sarah!! Here are some of my favorites....

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Where do I start? After returning from the hospital with the baby it was not long after I found myself back again. It was Tuesday and Ryan decided he would finish up some Christmas shopping two days before Christmas to help me out. While he was shopping I went to my moms house (It was an outing but not to much to soon and that way we did not have to take the baby out with all the crazy shoppers and their RSV) So a few hours go by and I receive a call from Ryan's cell phone. I could not make out for sure who it was but one of his siblings were crying and they said that Ryan had been shot!!! Apparently he was stopped helping a lady jump her car and when returning to his vehicle the slamming of the door sent his 17 off, hitting him in the lower abdomen by his kidney. Shocked by this tragic gun malfunction I struggled to my feet so that I could hand the baby to my dad. Luckily my aunt Andy and Abbie were there so they would take me over and my mom would follow with the baby when he was hungry. When I got to the hospital Ryan was in getting Cat scans so I could not see him yet; but it was the results that relieved me. Holding Ryan's hand they told us that the fragments missed his kidney by one centimeter and were distributed throughout his muscle and fat!!!
This was a lot to handle after having a baby but we are so blessed that things worked out the way they did!! They do not do a lot for gun shot wombs so we were sent home with a lot of pain and some gauze to let things slowly heel. I know that someone was watching out for Ryan Braxton and I. Sometimes it takes something like this to help you realize the important things in life.

Seven Pounds and Eighteen Perfect Inches

Braxton has landed!!! Braxton Ryan Tuttle was born on December 17th at 1:32. My doctor started me that morning. After some painful contractions and a couple pushes later our beautiful baby boy joined us in the delivery room. I can not describe how in love Ryan and I are with our new miracle! It really is the best and most rewarding thing in the whole world! The delivery was not that bad and I had my support system behind me the whole way. I was a little emotional leaving the hospital I guess with worries that we would be able to take care of this perfect gift but after some rest it was good to be home!! I absolutly love being a mom!!! sometimes it is Exhausting but one hundred percent worth it! well he is growing fast but here are some pictures of our Braxton!