Thursday, June 18, 2009

A very merry unbirthday to you!!

Braxton turned six months yesterday!! I can not believe my baby is six months! Ryan keeps saying he is not a baby anymore and its true but it is making me so sad!! To celebrate we went for Braxtons first ice cream; he loved it! He kept grunting for more and he got it all over his face, as you can see. Later he had a little sugar high but I was able to get him wound down for bed time.
We finally got Braxton a few updates that I am sure he is very ready for. A high chair and a walker Jeep! He loves them both. He is just ready to be sitting up so that he can watch everything that is going on! Braxton also had another exciting thing that comes with age...He got his first TOOTH!! He has been pulling at his ears but other than that he has been so good. I am a little nervous for this new step but also excited.

Friday, June 12, 2009


I think this is what we get for making the decision to go to the temple! Any more we have the worst luck ever! The other night Ryan was up the canyon guiding a bear hunt, After a successful bear hunt he was driving down the canyon on a dirt road and while turning the corner hit head on into another truck! The other truck was a very old ford and apparently built like a rock because this is what Ryan's truck looked like and the other guys truck hardly had a dent. The other guy gave Ryan, Chad and the bear a ride home and the next day we had the truck towed. Hopefully everything works out and soon enough we will be back to two vehicles.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday with Braxton

I Love the mornings with Braxton! He loves to stretch and has since he was just tiny. My very favorite is when he pulls his arms above his head and stretches so hard that his little wrists shake! He is just so cuddley in the morning and so happy! He is kind of growing out of the stage were he wants to be held and it makes me so sad but i look forward to the fun stages to come! I though it would be fun to have everyone reading leave their favorite baby stage.. so feel free to share!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Those Toes Taste Good!

Ok Braxton has been so much fun lately! He is just so happy all the time. When I come home from work he just lights up. He laughs and talks to me, it makes me feel so missed and so special! He is so alert and fun to watch. I do call him my little puppy because although he discovered his tounge a while ago he usually has it plopped out like a little puppy dog. I have also been trying to find the right toys for him to play with and I do not know why because he will spend hours just pulling on his toes and watching his hands open and close. Ryan got some fun video of him sucking on his toes, it really is so funny to watch. Those toes must taste good!