Thursday, June 18, 2009

A very merry unbirthday to you!!

Braxton turned six months yesterday!! I can not believe my baby is six months! Ryan keeps saying he is not a baby anymore and its true but it is making me so sad!! To celebrate we went for Braxtons first ice cream; he loved it! He kept grunting for more and he got it all over his face, as you can see. Later he had a little sugar high but I was able to get him wound down for bed time.
We finally got Braxton a few updates that I am sure he is very ready for. A high chair and a walker Jeep! He loves them both. He is just ready to be sitting up so that he can watch everything that is going on! Braxton also had another exciting thing that comes with age...He got his first TOOTH!! He has been pulling at his ears but other than that he has been so good. I am a little nervous for this new step but also excited.

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C Stevens said...

Hurray! I love it. He is so cute. sounds like you are really enjying every step. Just wait until kelsie's baby arrives. I can't believe they were ever that small.