Friday, June 12, 2009


I think this is what we get for making the decision to go to the temple! Any more we have the worst luck ever! The other night Ryan was up the canyon guiding a bear hunt, After a successful bear hunt he was driving down the canyon on a dirt road and while turning the corner hit head on into another truck! The other truck was a very old ford and apparently built like a rock because this is what Ryan's truck looked like and the other guys truck hardly had a dent. The other guy gave Ryan, Chad and the bear a ride home and the next day we had the truck towed. Hopefully everything works out and soon enough we will be back to two vehicles.

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C Stevens said...

Oh! I'm glad no one was hurt (the bear is an exception). Ryan has had some great escapes in the past year. You are very lucky. Brax looks as cute as ever! I'm excited to see pictures of your temple day. I have 2 jobs now and keep busy with Max. I thought about stopping in to see you on our walk but I let the idea of running into other employee's get in the way.