Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Funny Boys

I thought it would be fun to write all the funny things the boys are saying right now.
Tayven : "Spider Man save da Day"
               "You're a Hot dog!" (he thinks that is a pretty good insult..)
               "thinking, thinking..I got a dea." (idea)
               "Hot Cccereal is my favrate" (hot cereal is my favorite)
               "Gentleman and glentleman"
I love to catch Tay doing his own thing..He will be playing and just talking to himself, so entertaining! I defiantly think he is going to be our little entertainer. We are constantly laughing at the things he does and says. I think I could listen to him talk all day. He is my happy boy.
Braxton: "Mom, what was the cents of my spiderman?" Mom, "you mean how much was it?" Brax, "ya" Mom, "I think that it was 24.99" Brax, "Oh, well do you remember when we went to get Jaxon a present and I saw that blue transformer spiderman?" "I think that he was 24.99" "Can I get him for my next Birthday?" Mom, "Yeah!" Brax, "Okay!! (jumping and yelling) YES!!" "wait what is my birthday after?" (we have been doing all the months of the year and when our birthdays are) Mom, "It is after November.." Brax, "Yes"
Brax lately has been using some rather large complicated, he told me what he did at school was complicated. Awkward, which he actually used in the right content..apparently the silence at breakfast made him a little uneasy. Sometimes I catch him saying things that I would never think he understands..he is my smart boy and usually has me thinking..latest: Me: "Brax where did I get you?" Brax: "the hospital" Did you get hurt having me? Is that why you had to go to the hospital?" needless to say this opened up a whole conversation about babies..what barley four year old comes up with this stuff?!! I think I am in trouble.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Life and the Boys that Surround Me

I lay in bed at night and reflect on my day. All the good things and unfortunately the bad too. The worst part is that I very rarely write these things down. My blog has always been a place I can go to remember. Sometimes I come here to take a trip down memory lane and pretend for just a minute that time is standing still. My kids are growing way too fast and before I know it I am going to forget all the cute things they did when they were little. So here it is..a little catch up on each of us!
 I will start with the head of the household Ryan: Ryan has been on a big learning experience with his job. Ryan went from working as a union employee for a company called TFS to being hired on as a Project Engineer for that company. He works in an office and has been given his first project after some travel trainings. The good news is his first project has done really well and despite all the stress that comes with the job, I think that he is doing awesome!! Ryan also started a new semester of school a class at a time closer to getting his business degree.

As for myself: After almost eight years at a local Utah credit union, I decided it was time to trade that for a more rewarding co-workers call me MOM! I love them and seem to get a little more appreciated at this job. Being a Mom is possibly one of the hardest jobs that I have ever done!! It is a constant battle with yourself, and the little ones that run around this house, however also the most rewarding. I get to be there when they are sad or sick, when they are happy and silly. As they grow I can be there to tech. Honestly when schedules were not working out at the credit union I was not so sure that I could be a full time mommy. I wanted to be patient and loving all the time and sometimes that did not happen part of the time. I would say that is alot of my attitude and sometimes a day to day thing. Most of what I have struggled with is my feelings and what society might think of me JUST being a MOM. ..which really is silly! My children need me and I am contributing to caring for them and hopefully helping them become there greatest self. I love it and I thank Heavenly Father every day for allowing me this opportunity!

Braxton is now four and I must say four is a fun age. It feels like he is finally starting to get it. He is so smart and I am finding that he can be so fun to be around. Lately he has been contributing to what I guess I would call conversations that I have with myself. The other day while stopped at a railroad crossing (the train was completely stopped) I said aloud, "how can they just shut down at a crossroad?" Brax replied, "I think the conductor must have got out of the train." ...It caught me off guard but I suppose he may have been right. haha. He also understands that there are consequences to your actions and is getting better at trying to do the good things and apologizing, mostly to brother when he doesn't get it right. Braxton has always blown me away with how smart he is. He is loving preschool and teacher Lynda says he does great!! He is into anything completely boy and somewhat obsesses about them. Thanks to a trait mom gave to him. I can not imagine life with out him; those yummy checks and big brown eyes.

Tayven now almost two and a half keeps us laughing all the time. He is my more easy going child and keeps a smile as part of his regular dress. He also is a little more daring and seems to get into a little more trouble..latest, climbing up his dresser to feed the fish and tipping the whole thing over, barely escaping so that he could call mom to the rescue. Mom saved the fishy. I hope to get a little more video of him this year. He just says the funniest things that I am afraid words might not be enough to explain. Tayven is also my little eater, you can not tell to look at him but he has a bottomless pit for a stomach and is always hungry.While I was in the tub the other day he kept coming in with a mouth full of what looked like chocolate...also new trick: moving the chairs to get donuts off the counter. When I got out I found a box of donuts practically gone with a coke to drink. I am learning quickly that I get more out of him when there is food involved. . . I Love it!!