Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Funny Boys

I thought it would be fun to write all the funny things the boys are saying right now.
Tayven : "Spider Man save da Day"
               "You're a Hot dog!" (he thinks that is a pretty good insult..)
               "thinking, thinking..I got a dea." (idea)
               "Hot Cccereal is my favrate" (hot cereal is my favorite)
               "Gentleman and glentleman"
I love to catch Tay doing his own thing..He will be playing and just talking to himself, so entertaining! I defiantly think he is going to be our little entertainer. We are constantly laughing at the things he does and says. I think I could listen to him talk all day. He is my happy boy.
Braxton: "Mom, what was the cents of my spiderman?" Mom, "you mean how much was it?" Brax, "ya" Mom, "I think that it was 24.99" Brax, "Oh, well do you remember when we went to get Jaxon a present and I saw that blue transformer spiderman?" "I think that he was 24.99" "Can I get him for my next Birthday?" Mom, "Yeah!" Brax, "Okay!! (jumping and yelling) YES!!" "wait what is my birthday after?" (we have been doing all the months of the year and when our birthdays are) Mom, "It is after November.." Brax, "Yes"
Brax lately has been using some rather large complicated, he told me what he did at school was complicated. Awkward, which he actually used in the right content..apparently the silence at breakfast made him a little uneasy. Sometimes I catch him saying things that I would never think he understands..he is my smart boy and usually has me thinking..latest: Me: "Brax where did I get you?" Brax: "the hospital" Did you get hurt having me? Is that why you had to go to the hospital?" needless to say this opened up a whole conversation about babies..what barley four year old comes up with this stuff?!! I think I am in trouble.

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