Saturday, July 9, 2011

10 and 2 1/2

Gosh Look at my handsome BOYS!! How did I get these two!?

Loves his DAD!! Da Da Da
When I think of Tay I think of his SMILE
He likes to: point, drive cars (sounds and all) and explore..most the time things we do not want him to. lol
Learning to: walk. he can usually be found under mom holding and trying to keep up
What makes Tay sad: Bumps and TEETH!
And things that make him Happy: pretty much anything but he loves holding his mom! He is such a sweetheart and I hope he stays that way!

Loves anything BOY Trucks, Tractors, Bugs, Cars, Dirt..and so on.
When I think of Brax I think of all the fun random things he says. I think Brax was born and two weeks later grew up. He talks like he is so big.
He likes to: Play anything boy and watch movies.
Learning: ABC and how to swim, ride a bike...which is kind of when you are a chicken and potty without moms help!
What makes Brax sad: Time outs and people getting in his bubble.
And thing that make him Happy: Cars, dirt, trucks, movies, sometimes cousins, dad, naps, trains, dinosaurs, being read to..mostly monster books and Baby Brother!

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