Saturday, July 30, 2011

-Powder Fun-

It all happened in a matter of minutes!! I was in the other room and Brax and Tay found the baby powder. While coming around the corner Brax was jumping in it and Tay swimming. They had a blast but it was short lived; mom made them help clean it up. It is times like these you do not forget! It was literally everywhere (there was a layer of power up the walls and all over the counter tops) but the sound of their giggles was priceless!


BRooKe said...

HaHa! Wow you have two little mischievous munchkins on your hands! :) So cute. Miss you guys.

Mary said...

Oh that is hilarious. My sisters 3 ur old got into a full jar of peanut butter and coated e countertop and his entire head! These kids are so funny...well, that is until I find one of mine like that! Haha. my boys have those Dino pjs too. So cute.