Thursday, March 24, 2011


My conscience has been eating at me extra hard about my blog and the lack there of. I am afraid to say it, especially out loud (Ryan hates the idea of it) but a big part of my time has gone to..facebook. Before my facebook days I believe I was a lot better at updating the blog, with at least one post a week on mostly Brax but never the less updates. . . So recently I have seen Thirty day blogging challenges and I guess this will be an honest attempt to be better at recording fun things in our life. (I am not sure if I will follow one in particular and hopefully it will last thirty days but.. Here we go; enjoy.) 1: Favorite sayings from people you love Ryan: One that always gets me laughing is his short inside phrases he will use for awhile like: "Hey there!" "Hey you guuyys!" most recent "Really, Really" (in a deep voice) Brax: Braxton is so funny sometimes, coping anything and everything or sometimes just blurting out the least expected. The latest and greatest is his singing. "We had a great day it was a super way, to spend some time together." Tay: Always the best to hear and his first word by the way. "Ma Ma" he also says dad . . a lot but mom when he sad.

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