Sunday, June 20, 2010

-My Boys on Memorial Day -

So Braxton Loves, LOVES Trucks, Tractors and Trains!!! Loves them!! So on Saturday Ryan took Brax to a Helicopter landing at the fire station. They had popcorn, Balloons and most important aloud you to go through the fire truck and helicopter! Brax had so much fun! Thanks DAD!!!


Rocky Mountain Race Way Baby!! Ryans Family went to the drag races! It was so much fun!! AWESOME!!! Ryan has such a fun family and it was really nice to go hang out. My favorite besides the fireworks, and the nitro cars was the people, yes the people!!! Oh my the people! It was so nice to hang out with the adults and just have a good time!

Brax in the FIRETRUCK!!!!!

Getting ready to jump in!!!! Can not wait for Mommy and ME!!!

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