Thursday, March 11, 2010

HaPpY BIrtHDaY To yOu!!

Just wanted to wish my man a Happy Birthday!! 24! He is enjoying a shed hunting trip as does he every year but I am glad he is having a good time, It started out rough but is looking better.
I am so lucky to have met Ryan! I am so glad that he was born!!! Here are 24 things I LOVE about my RY!
24-He loves the outdoors
23-Is a hard worker
22-He is so smart! He knows random facts about things and is hitting the books and does so well at his challenging courses.
21-Is funny and Witty
20-So Handsome
19-Has a smokin' HOT bod
18-Is a really great DAD!
17-Is always quick to apologize and forgive
16-Has the best surprises!!! (Daniel Tosh at Kingsbury)
15-Cooks really well! I love to watch him with the seasonings and LOVE when he just takes over the kitchen. yum!
14-Still tells me how beautiful I am and makes me feel so good!
13-Is a good listener
12-Give the BEST advise!! even when I pretty much know what I am going to do it always feels good to hear what Ryan has to say.
11-So cuddly
10-Is so faithful and honest
9-Always well almost always says just what I need to hear
8-Is supportive
7-Has the softest lips that I love to be kissed by =)
6-Has a passion for flying helicopters, I love know he loves what he is doing
5-Kind. He has a good heart! probably gives one to many drifters a ride
4-Thoughtful. Is always concerned about me taking time for myself
3-Is my best friend
2-Makes me feel so safe! cuz he is so strong
1-Is the best husband. really I am so lucky to be spending eternity with such a good guy!! I LOVE you with all my still give me butterflies.

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Calee said...

Happy Birthday Ryan:)
Braxton is so funny! I love that he gets glued to the tv already, hehe!