Monday, December 13, 2010

Two Years!!

It was the morning of December 15th and still no baby!!! He was supposed to be here by now!! Days ago and still no baby. I decided to call the doctor and see if he would let me come in early for my weekly appointment, in hopes that he would say: "Oh just head on over to the hospital." . . (I had been dilated to a 3 and seventy five percent effaced for two, almost three weeks!) . . boy was I wrong. I decided that because I was good and depressed that I would spend the day with my sister and play hooky from work. I went to work the next day and completed little preparations, trying to make the day go by faster. My doctor had promised to start me Wednesday the 17th so that morning I got the call about 5:30am telling me that they had a bed for me if I wanted to come on over. We hurried over texting everyone on the way, about the good news. (I remember sitting at a light in Provo asking ry if he had text my sister and sister-in-law, for he had been texting them several times before to tell them we were on the way to the hospital just to get them all rilled up.) We got to the hospital and checked in, it was about 9:oo when I got the platocin and shortly after Dr. Nance broke my water then we waited. . . My guests arrived and we waited. I wanted to feel the contractions, ya know be tough for a little while before I got my epidural. They started to get closer together and more painful so I decided it was time, My brother wanted to watch them do the epidural so we called him over and as soon as he got there called the antisalogist in to get the job done. Ryan seemed concerned but held my hand as I got the epidural. After I was comfortable my guest rotated lunch shifts and when Ryan and his mom got back they had put oxygen on me because the babies heart rate had gone down. When everyone got back we started taking guesses at what time and how big Braxton would be; the nurses were almost irritated because we were guessing times a couple hours out and first time moms are in labor a lot longer than that. . . waited a little longer and then doctor Nance checked me and I was ready to go. It was a little after one when I started pushing, after about three pushes Dr. Nance looked at me and said . .We need to get him out this time, big push! and Then I heard his cry =) Seven pounds seven ounces and eighteen and half inches. perfect little guy. He was here!! He arrived at 1:32 on December 17, 2008.
After that everyone followed Ryan and the baby to be washed while I went down to my room. As soon as I got there Ryan showed up at the door with our perfect little boy in a Christmas stocking.
Today he is two and I am so grateful for this little guy! I can not believe that he is two! Two years has gone by so fast and it has been a blast! What a blessing he is to our little family. We love you Braxton so much!! Haappy Birthday!


Calee said...

I can't remember if I've heard his birth story. It's fun to look back and remember, it seems like just yesterday your mom had 3 pregnant girls at the same time:) Love you brax.

Emily said...

CUTE cupcake! Happy two year old birthday little man! I love hearing his birth story, such a fun thing to recap on the birthdays!