Sunday, December 5, 2010

Braxtons Favorite Things!!!!

I think that Brax is at such a fun age, minus the constant need to get into things and I wanted to share his interests mostly for myself. I want to remember this fun age. . . .So this is BRAXTONS FAVORITE THINGS! kind of like Oprah's Favorite Things but without the giveaway.

1. Anything to do with Tractors! Backhoes, Loaders and Bulldozer's.
2. Movies: Cars, Toystory 3, How to Train your Dragon, Grinch and Up
3. Trucks! Peterbult, Macks and Kenworth. (yes he knows them all and even will correct me if I am wrong.)
4. Any toys that have anything to do with Dragons, Dinosaurs, tractor's, trucks and or cars! He will even sleep with them.
5. Food: Cheese and Crackers, Mandarin oranges, any kind of cereal, and any treat is his favorite!
6. Brax has always been a blanket boy. He love the soft ones and will ask for them when he gets tired.
7. I would like to think this is his favorite but it might depend on the day but he loves his family!! everyone of them. It is such an amazing thing to see how a child can love and Brax does love all of his family. The list is getting pretty long for his birthday invites.

Braxton is so fun and I am so grateful for him in our lives! He keeps us laughing! Thanks Brax we love you!!


BRooKe said...

Very cute post! I am so the same way with wanting to remember fun things about my little one.

mama T said...

That is so sweet it made me cry!!
I can't believe our little boy is going to be two so soon!!! I Love him so very much!!!

Calee said...

Hehe, ...kind of like Oprah's favorite things without the give aways:) I love Brax too and love that Ary loves him. (that's alotta lovin!) My favorite thing about him is his famous scowl. I don't think I've ever gotten a smile out of him.

saraanddevin said...

SO cute!!!