Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Still here Wednesday

(Tay is only Three months here..I am a tard)
Braxton-Braxton is doing great, if we can avoid all the colds and stuff out there =) He is talking so well!! What used to be dagon is now dragon and moovie is mom watch toy story! Practically full sentences. I am so proud of my smart boy! The most recent with brax is hitting; gotta love it. When Braxton hits we sit on time out so the other day he said: "Mom we don't hit! time out." I guess he is getting what I am saying at least. I do not think he understands sorry though. after hitting Payslie when I ask him to say sorry he does his famous scowl and says "no!" I think he sees it as, you are the reason I am on time out...we are learning. . a little at a time.
Tayven-Tay is definitely my happy boy!! always smiling! He is so close to laughing; I can not wait! Tayven is growing like crazy. I had the classic..waiting for that cute outfit to be able to fit and hurry and pull it out just in time for him to get a few good wears out of it.
Mom-Same old running around trying to be super mom. I am back to work. PART-TIME and I love it! A big load off my shoulders, I honestly do not know if I could pull off the full time job, full time mom but what a blessing to be able to spend that extra time with my boys!!! I will never forget how hard it is working full time with kids, my heart goes out to all of those that do it!! I am so blessed to work part-time.
Dad-Is working in Salt Lake, making the commute everyday, even Saturdays starting at 4:30! yikes! Ry is also going to school and being a great dad...squeezing in hunting.(in that order ;)) Ryan is such a hard worker and I am so proud of him!!

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