Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday's with Braxton!!

I decided that because Braxton is growing so quickly, every Wednesday I am going to take and post a picture so we can watch him grow! Todays post is a catch up and a few pictures that I really liked. :)

Dad has the touch! Braxton Falls right to sleep when Ryan holds him this way.

Braxtons Blessing Feb. 01 2009

This is one of my favorites!! This is Braxton's mad face.. It is so funny, he does not really cry constantly he just starts with a bunch a faces and then will belt out a few crys here and there.

Ok so I came home yesterday from work and this is what Braxton was wearing. I thought it was so cute that ryan dressed him even though the outfit did not really match.. at all.
This is Braxtons cute smile! (if i don't say so myself) He has started smiling and cooing. It is so fun sometimes I can not even feed him because he just wants to smile and talk. I love it!!!


saraanddevin said...

YAY YAY!!! love it he is ADorAbLe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Davis Family said...

Mandie! I love it. Im glad oyu will be posting more. He is so cute!

Mary said...

He is so dang cute!!! And is getting big so fast!

Morgan and Stacy said...

I love all his pictures! He is so, so cute! I love his little smile! Mand, I didn't even know you blessed him already! I would have come for sure, if I knew when it was!

Sarah said...

Mandie he is so cute. I am so happy for you. You will make a great mom.

M & T Peterson said...

Go to: It's nice to have three columns, but when you change it, it will delete EVERYTHING, but your blog posts. So, when you commit to a three column, you have to love it for awhile. HEHE!
I really like your idea for taking pictures weekly! I might have to steal it!