Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mucho Gracias

Much Thanks. That is what I want to give to those in care of my Braxton. Ryan is returning to work; He has been working on his school for about a year in a half now and through many interviews and strenuous hours looking for job opportunities, he found one! This of course means no more Mr. Mom. I thought after many, many prayers of a job I would be happy however, to my surprise I have been a basket case. I look forward to the day if ever that I get to stay home with my little one but until then I will be leaving Braxton in the watch of my sister Abbie, my sister in-law Calee and of course my Mom. I want them to know how much it means to me that I can bring him to their homes in comfort that all will be well. I really wish that their were words to express the Love and Thanks that I have for them in doing this. I love Braxton so much and I only want the best for him and know that is what he is getting, so THANKS!!! from the bottom of my heart!


C Stevens said...

congratulations To Ryan for finding a job. Good luck Mandie - It is really hard to leave your baby...even with family.

Calee said...

Aww, Mandie your post was so sweet, you could almost make me teary! It's hard to leave but like you said when you know that your baby is being cared for the way you yourself would do it you can go and not worry every minute. That's how I feel so comfortable on Mon/Wed/Fri. I know both grandmas love Ary as much as I do:).