Thursday, December 10, 2009


I have been so bad at updating!! You know the story I am sure. Well as for Brax, he has been sick with a cold. It is the saddest thing!! He has a cough and this sad raspy voice. I am surprised at how good he has been even though he does not feel good. I just hope he can get over it in time for the big BiRThDAy!! I am so grateful for Brax and the fun spirit that he is, I can not believe that he will be ONE! It makes me so sad!! but we sure are having fun with him and enjoy every stage!


Morgan, Stacy and Paige said...

That's so sad he is sick! I hated it when Paige was sick, I felt so bad for her. Wow time flies!! I can't believe in just a week it will be Brax's birthday!

C Stevens said...

Poor little guy.
I love your new photo's.

Jennifer and Sean said...

he is such a little cutie! i love that hat with the ears! its so darling!