Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cokin Saturday's

Picture: Arie, Jenson and Brax all in their big car seats and loving that they have buddies next to them!
I can not look at this picture with out a huge smile on my face! Just about every Saturday some or part of my family get together and go for breakfast and a coke. It is something I look forward to all week. Our time together on Saturday's are so special; we talk and laugh at each other and our kids. I really never thought that all of my siblings and I would be pretty much at the same stage in life, but as you can see we are and even though it can be a little crazy it is my favorite thing. This particular Saturday we were gearing up for breakfast so that we could get back and clean my moms house, while she was headed back from her trip in Alaska. I can not remember the last time we all did our Saturday's work together(as mom would call it) me, Jake, Jed and Abbie. We got along a lot better than the Saturday's I remember. =D It really felt like home and we had a lot of fun doing something nice for mom! My mom likes to say when we all get together that it is heaven on earth and it really is! I am so grateful to have such a close family. I can not explain what a huge blessing that has been in my life and I do not know where I would be without it!!! Love you all!!!

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Calee said...

Oh I love it! so cute, yay for cousins!