Friday, October 1, 2010

~Update On BRAX~

Brax in his new, cool PJ's grandma got him after a long night in the emergency room. Brax was helping mom cook dinner and fell onto the tile! He cried for a little while but was excited to have his dino-nuggets for dinner, we ate and when it was time for bed he would not lay down. He cried which is not normal for our little guy; he usually goes to bed really well, so we took him over to the emergency room and had some x-rays done...sure enough he had a skull fracture on the right side. Braxton is a trooper, he is doing really well and things could have been a lot worse!! I do have to say that he was quite funny under sedation. He apparently saw a dinosaur in the trash and his IV turned into a Buzz light year laser. Well we are so happy he is doing well, He is such a happy boy and we are so blessed to have him as part of our family...(little brother might disagree now but someday..)

Brax has been so good with having a new baby brother! He will watch his favorite movies while mom gets ready. Thank goodness for Cars, Monsters INC., Nemo and Toy story!!

Grandmas greating after her 5k. Yeah GRANDMA!!

Watching the Train!

More train!! Brax loves TRAINS!! Thanks Dad for the great trip!


Jewls said...

I'm so glad he's okay...scary tile!

What cute boys you have!

Kelly and Heather said...

Poor Brax! How sad! Glad he is okay though. And Tayven is beautiful!