Sunday, November 21, 2010

GuesS WhO??





Ok so these are not the best pictures and I know I need to post updates on both boys but I have been wanting to do this for a while. Please everyone take a guess... which one is Tay and which is Brax?? I have been told that they look a lot a like so I wanted to take pictures of both and see what others think...honestly going through there pictures I think they look like brothers but both have their own look, however I am mom so I can definitely see it. I picked pictures that their clothes or surroundings would not give it up. What do you think??


Kristina said...

K I think 1&4 are Brax and 2&3 are Tay. They do look like brothers!! So cute!!!

Kelly and Heather said...

Oh my heavens! Seriously, I can't believe how much they look alike. These pictures all look like the same child...I can't tell on 2 or 4 but I am just going to take a stab and say 1 is Brax and 3 is Tay?? They are so stinkin cute!!

saraanddevin said...

ya 1 and 4 are b and 2 and 3 are t!!! am i right?????????:)

Jewls said...

I think 1 and 4 look like Brax and 2,3 look like Tay?

Calee said...

I've seen these kinds of posts before and always think they're fun. Ary was on my lap the first time I opened your page and she pointed to "BRAAAAAAKKKS" so I think we've got 'em all right:)
It will be fun to see side by side pics as they get older too!