Saturday, January 22, 2011


Braxton Sharing his toys in the bath with Tay! This is big!!

This is a typical picture of Brax. . .he is always to busy to smile for the camera.

Crashed with Mac.

I sure LOVE that smile!!!

I have been so bad at updating about our lives! Life gets a little crazy now and then. The boys are growing fast as you can see. I feel so blessed to be home with them more and watching them grow. It is so funny how things work out; we were really nervous about me going part time but honestly nothing has been different! (Except me blogging less..It is funny how that works.)
Well Braxton is two...Which means we are learning lots about sharing and hitting, being patient and happy. Braxton always keeps us laughing, he is always saying the darndest things. like his latest: "whatever" "Stupid" (not the best one but what do you do when mom says it all the time) "like a move it move it, move it!" (my favorite. Learning how to sing.. it cracks me up). The one night I was busy getting dinner started and forgot that I was starting a movie for Brax. He finally came and said: "Push Play Mom!" I realized that how much he can communicate with me and how nice it is that he can!! I am so proud of Braxton! Being little is hard and he is doing it so well and learning so much!!
Tayven is growing like a weed. It makes me sad because I have not been as good at updating. blogging is my way of seeing the changes in my little guys; so I have to be better! Tayven I have noticed already is so active. He is just so close to rolling and sitting up. He loves to play with his feet and toys. I am always so impressed with how content and happy he is; even with all the colds we have been passing around. I do not know about you but I think he looks a lot like Ry, SO Handsome!! Tay makes me so happy even when I am sad His smile can change my day!
Ryan and are never stop! between work and the kids. (Ryan has been working 5 ten hour days and an 8 on Saturday..Then school on top of that.. basically we miss him!) We were able to go to Jeff Dunham the other night with mom and Dad Tuttle! We had a blast and definitely needed some time out. I feel so overwhelmed with all the blessings right now in my life!! I am one lucky Girl!!!!

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