Saturday, April 2, 2011

4: The BEST Date Ever!!!

I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings about my hot date last night before I forget. I do not write about Ryan and I very often and as you can see I was not able to snatch a picture of the two of us but I am so grateful for our relationship and the time we are able to spend together. Last night Ryan took me on a date. He, as usual did not tell me what we were doing. We started out at our favorite place to eat for dinner La Casita, then we went for a drive. I was not sure where we were going at times as we talked and listened to the radio but we made our way around Utah lake and out to Genola. Along the way we stopped to listen to the spring creekers.(little frogs by the thousands) I seriously felt like a teenage girl again just doing nothing really, riding around with my man holding hands and getting to know each other. Especially now with two busy little boys I find that my time with Ryan is so precious and I love that he makes and plans such fun dates. The whole night he made me feel so special complementing the way my eyes shine and how much he loved everything about me! WOW it does not get better than that. I am so in love with him and I feel like the luckiest girl and not only is he my best friend but the best little daddy. Braxton asked Ryan yesterday what his name was, Ryan replied Daddy. Braxton continued, Why? Ryan then said Because that is what I am! So cute and priceless!

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Kadan, Trish, J, and Miles said...

That is so stinking cute.. I love it! Dates like that are the best. :D