Monday, March 17, 2008


St. George. What can I say. Each year for spring break a bunch of us head down to St. George Utah to get a pre-view of the sunshine that hopefully will reach Spanish fork eventually. Every year there is some new story whether it is: "You are driving a gosh dang beatle", "How old are you any way" and my personal favorite, "You kids are different". St. George is a lot of fun that consists of shopping, eating, lots of laughter and don't forget.. shopping.

This year I invested some sexy sunglasses, soaked if you will in a luxurious fountain, GAMBLED, watched a scanky version of treasure island and oh, shopped at lots of big shopping malls.


Calee said...

I think there was more going on than Jed was willing to come home and talk about... It looks like you had fun though, and I'm so proud my hairy husband made it onto your blog :)

Calee said...

PS, I need to borrow that last picture, it's too funny not to share!

Suzee said...

Mand -
Love the pictures! It was fun. It's so good to have these times to remember!
Love You,

Sarah&Travis said...

You two are so cute. I am so happy for you. You better send me an invite. We need to get together soon!!!

The Davis Family said...

Mandie-- its time for a new post!! :)

Jesicca said...

You are hilarious! The luxury fountain looks like it was a hit.