Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dialated to a 2 and 80% effaced

I wanted to reflect on the whole pregnancy (while I still have a positive attitude. lol.) I went to the doctor and he said there is a good chance that he will not see me for my next appointment! This is crazy! but I have nested our little home and If I can get over the little cold I have I will be completely set! I can not wait to hold my little one. (I am hoping he is little) and bring him home! Everyting has gone by so fast! I hope that I have sucked it all in, The moving of the baby, the feet in my ribs and even the little aches and pains through out it all; it is so amazing that we can make a person and I never want to forget what its all about.
I think that my favorite thing through it all would be the Hiccups, I remember the first time he got them it was so cool! I ran home so that Ryan could feel them, he asked if it was normal, I began to worry and look it up in every book that I have only to find out that it is not like when we get hiccups and is in no way annoying to the baby, and that holding your breath and drinking water will not help.
I have a lot, a lot of people to thank!! My Mom: for an endless supply of blankets and support. I can not believe what a difference it makes just to talk to her. My Dad: for being a home away from home, loving me and feeding me while Ryan was away. My Ryan: if you can imagine I have been a little emotional. I think this is hard for Ryan but he has loved me till I did not have anymore tears and I would not be surprised if he has blisters from the endless back rubs! Thanks Babe I Love you! My Sister for being so helpful, willing to work with my schedule in going back to work. I have been so worried about this and she has been so comforting. Kelci: for keeping me so excited I can not stand it! I could go on but It might take a long time to mention my whole support team that have been so great! (In-Laws, Aunts, Cousins, Grandparents, friends and even brothers and nieces and nephews!) I love you all and I am truly blessed to have such wonderful people helping me along for nine months.
Well all in all it has been a great experience I did not get to sick and even a week away and being sick I have not been to miserable. I guess we will have to see what this week brings and I will keep all updated!


Mary said...

Yay, what a relief to be dialating! A two and they didn't send you to the hospital? Girl you are practically ready to go straight into labor. Lucky you! It is the MOST amazing experience you will ever experience so try to enjoy it. Hopefully you are getting an epidural so you can enjoy it!! Good Luck, can't wait to see pictures of the little man!
By the way, I somehow seemed to forget about the hiccups, but you are right they are so cool and fun to feel!

Morgan and Stacy said...

That is so cute! I can't wait to feel hiccups. When did you start feeling them? I've been thinking about you and wondering if you have had him? I am very anxious to come see you and the baby! Love you!

saraanddevin said...

oh YEA you only have 6 more days??? thats INSANE!!! i am SO SO excited for you guys and i can not wait to meet your little baby!!!!