Monday, May 24, 2010

Extra Blessed

I know I do not usually do this. I procrastinate blogging til I have an extra cute picture of Brax to post about his latest, but I decided that lately I have been feeling extra blessed and I wanted to Blog about it.
Believe it or not the past couple weeks in relief society the lesson's have obtained to the home and mothers; after the lesson's I contemplate how great the mothers in my life are but even bigger how blessed I am to be a mom! Mothers have such a special responsibility! I wanted to quote this last conference talk by brother Foster: He tells of a friend of his (Brother Pearson)reading a picture book to his little boy at bedtime, The little boy, (Eric) picked a book that did not have words so his father begins to make up the words to the story.
“Paddy is in a hot-air balloon. He is landing on an island now. He is dropping a line over the side of the balloon.”
Eric stopped him. “Dad, that is not a line. It’s a rope.”
Brother Pearson looked at Eric and back at the picture book, and then he continued: “Paddy is getting out of the balloon and climbing down the tree. Oh no! His coat is caught on a limb!”
Again Eric stopped him. “Dad, that’s not a coat. It’s a jacket.” By now Brother Pearson was somewhat perplexed. He said, “Eric, there are no words in this book, just pictures. Why do you insist that it’s a jacket?”
Eric answered, “Because Mother told me.”
His father closed the book and said, “Eric, who do you think is the last word, the ultimate authority in this house?”
This time Eric thought carefully before he answered, “You are, Dad.”
Brother Pearson beamed at his son. What an exceptional answer! “How did you know that?”
Eric quickly responded, “Mother told me.”
I really like this short story. It is inspiring and funny, yet so true. I had feelings of great mothers and at the same time wonder if I am doing everything that I can to help Brax be raised in Truth and light. I know that he knows of my love for him, dads, Abbies, Grandmas and many more, but What about Christ and his Father in Heaven? At the same time I am so grateful for this responsibility. I love being a mom and sharing my testimony with him until he can get his own. It my responsibility to build my testimony for him now and build that spirit in our home.
President James E. Faust said: “There is no greater good in all the world than motherhood. The influence of a mother in the lives of her children is beyond calculation” I HOPE THAT MINE IS UNCALCUABLE as well! Thanks Brax for letting me be your mom!


M & T Peterson said...

I love this post! Hope everything is going well. Keep updating!

Calee said...

Geez, that's an intimidating responsibility, "the influence of a mother in the lives of her children is beyond calculation". I'm not a great influence all the time that's for sure!
Good job Mand, holding it all together; I'm having meltdowns more lately and need to look at you for an example:)

Chelsie and Trace said...

Hey thanks for the comment. Ya we are super excited. Ya that month worries me a little because of all the colds. Congrats on your second one that is so fun.