Tuesday, May 11, 2010

...Last WEEK

We went to the CiRcuS in town. It was rather interesting but fun. We were really debating going; I knew Braxton would love the elephants and entrainment. Ryan decided that this was our chance to possible see first hand when CirCuS tricks go bad or when animals attack so we decided to go.
Braxton Loved it!! He thought that the elephants were Moos.
Little did Ryan know he would be called as a volunteer in the second act!! It was so funny seeing him play hoops with the CiRcUs clown!!
Braxton also got to go help papa joe with the cows for the first time!! I thought that once it came down to it he would be scared with all of them but he wanted in the carals and loved every minute!! My favorite! Brax intently watching the MOOS

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