Sunday, July 18, 2010

Braggin Rights!!!

I just have to say how proud of Brax I am and brag a little!! We had our Wellness check up last week and the doctor was really impressed at how well Braxton talks.. really impressed. He said that Brax was a level that he did not expect until after two. He sat down with me and talked about how children who talk at an earlier age are more likely to have less tantrums, seeing as they can communicate what they want, instead of having to throw a fit until you realize and that they do not know for sure why but that they also do better in school (whether it is the communication between the parent and child or that they are more intelligent). I know that I have always thought he was smart but I really liked hearing from someone else. We are so lucky to have Brax! It almost makes me nervous about this next one because we have had it so easy. he has slept good, ate good, lets face it.. he is stinkin cute, and funny!! Thanks for being a good Boy Brax!! Mom and Dad sure LOVE you!!

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Ashley Rose said...

I have to agree with you Mandie--he is super stinkin cute!!