Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Brax is officially sleeping in his big boy bed!! We got him it awhile back but I finally found the sheets and bed spread that I wanted(Thanks to collage back to school sales). We made the transition a couple nights ago and honestly I worried about it more through out the night than I needed to. I thought that he would try and get out or not be able to see his way off the bed and he did so well!! He even waited until I came in to his room in the morning to get out. His is such a good boy and we are so lucky to have him!


Mary said...

We just made that switch tonight. Well, Luke has been in a toddler bed for like 8 months, but we bought him a twin sized bed, now that we need the mattress for the baby. I hope he stays in it! We have a cute little visitor every single night anywhere from 1-5 times...it's great (not). Hopefully we can figure something out with this kiddo.

Morgan, Stacy and Paige said...

You are lucky, Mand. We have to make the switch in the next couple months, and I have the same worries. Especially because whenever I check on Paige she is always in a different place in her crib! Sometimes she even has both her legs out of the rails.