Monday, September 6, 2010


First Day Home
It all started with a phone call on September 1st at 5:30am. There was a room available at the hospital for them to get me started in! I got up and got dressed put in some muffins and called my mom. (she watched Brax until he woke up and then took him to play with Kelc and Jenson) We got over to the hospital about 7. We got into our room about 7:30 and they got me all hooked up and ready to go. They started me on the platocin about 8:30 and then came the waiting game, or so I thought =D. I started contracting but wanted to stay tough so I chewed on what is now flavored ice chips and waited for my support team to show up. Dr. Nance came in and broke my water at 9:40. They checked me shortly after and I was already at a six. I decided this was a good time for an epidural, it was weird because after that I was still really feeling a lot of pressure. At about eleven we all started taking guesses, everyone was guessing noon or so and pretty soon all my nurses and Dr. Nance came in and said lets get this baby here!! The nurse guessed 11:15 and checked me. I was at a 10 and ready to go! I think the staff was a little nervous because the babies heart rate dropped. Two pushes later at 11:07 our little boy made his arrival! He had the cord wrapped around his neck so he was not crying at first but Dr. Nance quickly cute the cord and got him cryin'. They weighed him and cleaned him off and then it was time to hold him! It was all so fast but all in all a great experience! Welcome Tay! I can not believe how much we love you already! What a blessing!!

My burrito baby


Nelson Family said...

What a cute little guy. We will have to come see little Tayven in person. Hope all is well with 2 little ones!

Stacey said...

he is so precious! congrats again mandie! you have a darling littley family!