Friday, September 10, 2010

To the Men

To the men, boy's, dad's, brother's, grandpa's and husbands, I really felt like I needed to share a few things and make a special thanks to all the men out there in my life. On the Sunday prior to my Tay-mans arrival, my dad and Ry gave me a special blessing. This meant so much to me and was so amazing because it was the first blessing that Ryan has given me, it really was special to see him using his priesthood. In the blessing my dad blessed that all of the nurses and doctors would be attentive to mine and the babies needs. I truly believe that it was because of this blessing that things went as well as they did the morning of Tays arrival. There was a pediatric nurse that came up to be there when the baby came, she was sitting out at the nurses station watching my babies monitor, I do not know for sure what would have happened had she not but she was the one that gathered the doctor and all my nurses together so that we could get the baby here. His heart rate was dropping and they needed to get him here fast! (Thus the two pushes and he was here!) My doctor sure shined as well watching my contractions so as to get in as many and as long of pushes as possible. When Tay got here he was not crying, doctor Nance quickly cut the cord (managing to squirt the intern because of the pressure on the cord..ha ha) and handed him to the pediatric nurse. Everyone there was indeed very attentive and that I am so very grateful for! Thanks dad and Ry!
This and a resent posted blog about my brother, got me thinking of the all the great men in my life!! I could go on with individual stories about each one but I just want to Thank my Heavenly father for each of them, we are so lucky! I pray that my boys will live up to their names (Braxton Ryan and Tayven Blaine) and follow the examples of the dad, grandpa's, uncle's and brother =D

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Kelly and Heather said...

Congratulations on your new little guy!! He is SO cute. And I love the name you picked out. I hope you are doing well!